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Prof. Tamer Samir, Benha University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs inspected during his tour today the first semester exams at faculty of Commerce. During his tour, Dr. Tamer Samir was accompanied by Dr. Mustafa Rashid El Abady, the Faculty dean and Dr. Samy Ghonim, the Faulty deputy for Education and Student Affairs.
Prof. Dr. Tamer Samir inspected the implemented precautionary measures to protect students and employees during exams process such as checking students' temperature, keeping suitable spaces among students and wearing masks and he also assured on implementing all of the other precautionary measures to counter the spread of Corona virus.

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Prof.Dr.Gamal El Saeed, Benha University President and the head of Leaders Selection Committee announced that the final list of candidates for faculty of Commerce deanship after closing appeals door is as following;
Prof.Dr.Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Khalil
Prof.Dr. Samy Mohamed Ahmed Ghonemy
Prof.Dr.Mervat Mahdy Ramadan

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The Selection Committee of Faculty of Commerce dean was held under presidency of Dr Gamal El Saeed, Benha University President,Dr Shaban Taha, the former Vice President of the University , Dr Hesham Abu El Enin , the former Vice President of the University , Dr Mahmoud Hamid , the Former dean of Engineering Faculty and Dr Tareq Khalifa , The former deputy of Engineering Faculty . The University President confirmed that the university is keen on selecting the faculty dean in accordance with the specified criteria and with complete impartiality after discussing applicants in their development plans, performance, suggestions and ideas.

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