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 Unit to become a role model for quality assurance units at Egyptian universities, and regional and reference in the application of total quality standards.


Abide by the Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - University of Banha provide technical support in the field of quality for all departments and sections of the college and monitor and evaluate the output so as to ensure the quality of the educational process, research and community service and contribute to the development plans continued to fulfill the satisfaction of beneficiaries and the labor market.

 Director of Quality Assurance Unit Dean

Dr / Afaf Dasouky Snatches Abdul Majeed

 Dr / Mohamed Mr. Subhi Abu Salem

Objectives of the Unit

1. Dissemination of thought and culture of teamwork and team spirit to achieve the goals of the college.
2. Spread the concepts of quality, standards and mechanisms between faculty members and their assistants and all employees of the faculty and students.
3. Gaining the trust of the community in the educational process outputs and satisfaction of the labor market for graduates
4. Strengthen the relationship between the college and the community.
5. Use of databases and information technology in support of the college decision-making
6. Declared a system for measuring and evaluating the performance of the college and follow-up quality of output
7. Pursue the development of scientific research faculty and dissemination of research and linked to the requirements of the community
8. Contribute to the continuous development plans for college and follow what has been accomplished

The structure of the unit consists of: 

1. Unit Director and Chairman of the Board

2. Deputy Director of the Unit

3. Coordinator of the characterization and the decisions and reports initial Undergraduate program

4. Coordinator of the reports and decisions of characterization and graduate programs

5. Coordinator of the Internal Audit Committee and Technical Support

6. Coordinator of the committee preparing the self-study and file count

7. Coordinator of the Information Technology Committee and Decision Support

8. Coordinator of the Committee of community participation and labor market requirements

9. Board of Directors of the unit and includes unit director and deputy director of the unit and gentlemen, the coordinators of the committees

The unit also includes the structure of specialist data collection and coordination of meetings - secretarial 2 - computer technician - agent