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There is a lecture that will be given to the students of Benha University entitled "the challenges that confront Egypt in the future" at the conferences hall in the faculty of commerce at 10 am.

Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saeid, the university president issued a decree to form a committee to choose a logo for the EL-Obour branch of Benha University. This committee includes prof.Dr. Marwan Abd EL-Mohsen, prof.Dr. Shaaban Taha Ibrahim, prof.Dr. Abd EL-moamen shams EL-Kornfolly, Eng. Tarek Ali Ibrahim and Eng. Monira Muhammad Habib.

Benha University announces that there are vacancies to take up leading positions. These vacancies are as follows:

1- General Manager of the university president office

2-General Manger of the special funds accounts and the special units

3-secterary of the faculty of engineering of Shubra

Prof.Dr. Aref Soliman, the faculty’s dean hosts at his office Prof.Dr. Samir Hamad who suddenly visits the faculty of engineering/ Benha. This visit concurs with the visit of the members of the accreditation authority in the presence of prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied, the university president and the faculty’s members.

Thursday, 26 December 2019 10:24

The exams will start on Saturday, 28-12-2019

The exams will start on Saturday, 28-12-2019 in the faculty of veterinary medicine wishing all students at the faculty success and prosperity.

The faculty of education’s magazine wins the Arab impact factor after creating a website on Benha University’s domain in addition to creating a website for it on the Egyptian knowledge bank and uploading the faculty’s researches on this platform. This has been done under the auspices of the faculty’s dean and the faculty’ deputy of post-graduate studies.

There is a suggested sample of the exams’ sheet that has been designed and endorsed by the administration of measurement in the faulty of education at its meeting in 22-10-2019.

The U.A.E announces that the third round of Khalifa award for education 2019-2020 has been launched. This award is given in nine fields of education realm in Emirati and Arab apparatuses. For those interested, kindly visit the website of the award to know more information.