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In the context of Benha University's preparations for the second semester, Dr. Hussein Al-Magraby, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, stressed the importance of completing all the procedures required to hold the examinations and adhere to the schedules of the exams announced, in particular the dates of attendance and departure for students and adherence to the time frame provided by the Supreme Council of Universities During the period from 01/06/2019 to 20/06/2019. According to the circumstances of each college, noting the need to observe the festivals of the Christian brothers, with the need to emphasize the commitment to observation and control, in addition to the emphasis on not allowing students to enter the mobiles inside the committees and alert students not to use colored pens or write any signs or signs of the answer.

Under the patronage of Dr. Gamal El-Said, the President of the University organized community convoys in the villages of Sidi Abdulla and Qarnoub in the city of Qaha in the framework of the role of the university to serve the local community and the neediest villages. The convoys included professors, faculty members, administrators and students from 8 faculties' Veterinary medicine, nursing, education, agriculture, trade, sports education and science.

Dr. Gamal Al-Saied, President of Banha University, received in his office today His Grace Bishop Maximus, Bishop of Banha, Quesna and its dependencies, and Girgis Zaki, priest of the Church of Our Lady in Banha. The ecclesiastical delegation congratulated Al-Saied on assuming his new position as President of the University, wishing him success in his new mission.

Dr. Jamal Al-Saied, President of Banha University, said that the government universities face a number of challenges in the coming period, pointing out that the competition is strong and this requires quick action and work to achieve the vision desired by Banha University.

Benha University won first place and gold medal in the "Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran and Sunnah" competition, which was held at South Valley University from March 30 to April 3, and was attended by student delegations from 13 Egyptian universities. Dr. Musabih Al-Kahili, Director General of Youth Welfare, said that the university participated with a delegation of students in the competition. The student, Zainab Mahmoud Shams, in the Faculty of Medicine in Banha received the gold medal and the first center in memorizing the Holy Quran. The student Mohammed Hossein Sadiq, a student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, won the silver medal and second place in the liturgy.

For his part, Dr. Jamal Al-Saied, President of the University, congratulated the students participating in the competition and winners of gold and silver medals. Al-Saied stressed that the University of Benha is keen to support its children from outstanding students to participate in events and competitions organized by ministries and universities to raise the spirit of competition between students and the achievement of advanced positions.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Said, President of the University, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Abdel-Mo'men Shams El-Qarnafili, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, to implement the best educational methods to connect students to the labor market, a group of students of the third division of the department of advertising, printing and publishing in the college held a photo interview with Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Said, President of Banha University.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mustafa Abdel-Ghaffar inaugurated the pavilion of Benha University on the sidelines of the first international forum for higher education and scientific research between the present and the future under the initiative of "study in Egypt." This came in the presence of Dr. Jamal Al- Banha, Dr. Hussein Al-Maghraby, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and Dr. Nasser Al-Jizawi, Supervisor of the University's Graduate Studies Sector. The forum will be held under the patronage of the President of the Republic in the new administrative capital from April 4 to 6, coinciding with the announcement by the President of the Republic in 2019 «Year of Education», and coincides with the assumption of the presidency of the African Union.

A delegation from Benha University under the chairmanship of Dr. Gamal El-Said, President of the University and Dr. Hussein El Magraby, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, will participate in the activities of the first international forum for higher education and scientific research between the present and the future from 4-6 April in the new administrative capital. Dr. Al-Saied said that we are keen to participate in this global scientific forum and view the successes achieved by Benha University in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. He pointed out that Benha University is one of the oldest universities where the Faculty of Agriculture in Muthahr was established more than 100 years ago in addition to the distinguished location of the university geographically to its proximity to Cairo and its presence in the heart of the delta as well as the spread of its faculties Benha, Muthahr and Shubra.