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Prof.Dr Hussien magraby, the acting university presidnet announces that the time for filling the position of the strategic planning unit has been extended for one week.

The council of the educational and student affair discusses, in its meeting under the presidency of prof.Dr. hussien Magraby, the acting univesity president, the faculties's prepartions to hold the stduents elections in the presence of the faculties' deputies of the educational and students affairs and prof,Dr. khalid Esawi. The acting university president says tthat the stduents have to choose their worthy representatives in the students'.

Benha university organzies, under the university president's auspices, a clothes fair to the university's stduents . this event is orangized by the sector of the community service in cooperation with Iranol club. It is inaugrated by prof.Dr. Eman EL-Bitar and in presence of prof.Dr. Soheir Sharaway.

Bejin university students delegation ends their visit to benha university as they visit many university's faculties to get to know the these faculties and it programs. Prof.Dr Hussien EL-Magraby, the acting university president says that this visit comes in accordance with many protocols that the university has signed with a lot of chinese universities to exchange the faculties' members and the students.

The committee of the researches marketing holds its meeting under the presidency of prof.Dr.Muhammad Abu EL-Ella and in the presence of the university's faculties members. Dr. Abu EL-Ella says that it is very imporant to link the scientific researches to industry compaines and it should aim at solving the problems of the community so as to be associated with the real world.

Prof.Dr. husisen EL-magraby, the acting university president inaugrates the 8th instructional festival of the hawker of the university' female students in the presence of prof.Dr. khalid Esawi, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi and prof.Dr. Aref Soliman, the stduents and the employees.

Prof.Dr. Hussien magraby, the acting university president meets with the head and the members of the university's students' in presence of prof.Dr. Khalid Esawai, prof.Dr. Ezat EL-khait, prof.Dr. Muhammad Gowda and prof.Dr. Moshbeh EL-Kheliy. The university president stresses that the university totally supports the students'.

Prof.Dr. Nasser EL-Gizaway, the supervisor of the cultural and scientfic affairs in the sector of the post graduate studies annonces, under the presidency of prof.Dr .Husisen EL-magraby, the supreme committee of the international ranknig of the universites has endorsed the final result of the international publishing contest for july 2018.