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Prof. Dr.Rajab Mahmoud El Sawarby

Vice-dean for Education and Student Affairs


Youth Welfare

Youth welfare activities for the academic year 2008 -2009
1 - get on the first level of the sixth year in a row in the competition receive new students .
2 - Action reception of new students and old greeting students to the new school year .
3 - Action camp cleanliness and beautification and public service and faculty.
4 - Action magazine for family ÇÍäÇ and distributed to college students.
5 - the work of a leisure trip to the amusement park Dream Park Term first .
6 - work camp clan phones to train students to scouting activities in preparation for the post in the eighth scouting session .
7 - reception of the Sudanese delegation to the Sudan University of Science and Technology are students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production Department of Animal Production and Technology is the installment ( 13 ) Animal Production .
8 - Access to the second level in the eighth scouting session at the level of Banha University colleges .
9 - Implementation of a visit to the Martyr primary school pupils Btuch a visit to the Departments to see the role of veterinary medicine in the community.
10 - Flag ceremony to honor the orphan child in partnership with private institutions for orphans .
11 - participate in sports league on the faculties of the university level .