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     Dr\Gamal El Saeed, Benha University President inspected the university hospitals at the second day of El Adha feast where he was accompanied by Dr\ Mustafa El Qady, faculty of Medicine dean. The University president inspected the following units; Emergency Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Unit, Dialysis Unit and Intensive care unit. Dr\ Gamal El Saeed congratulated patients on the occasion of El Adha feast and hoped for them speed recovery. He also thanked all the staff and workers at the University hospitals for their great efforts, accurate and efficient work.

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Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president receives a phone call from prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gafer, The minister of the higher education and scientific research as he heaps praise on the performance of the university hospitals and thanks all the employees in the university hospitals.

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