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Benha University has activated the cooperation between Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Benha University and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology which aims to motivate , improve and develop students and form their abilities at communication and information technology . Training program for students at Benha University starts in the period from (7 to 12) of September 2019 from 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. This program is only attended by students at the following faculties; Engineering, Computers and artificial intelligence and Faculty of Commerce at information Systems department.  You can register on the following link;

For more details about the program, you can visit the following link;

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Benha University has opened registration door for membership of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Benha University (IEC) in the period from Sunday, 2\6\2019 to Monday, 1\6\2019. The Center aims to support innovation and technology marketing. To apply for membership of the center, you should fulfill the following conditions; the applicant should be Professor or Professor assistant.

He should have motivation to work at Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

To register, you can visit the following website;

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Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Said- president of Benha University – admit that the University will pay the fees of the registration of patents to support excellence and innovation, provided that the University must be an essential part in the intellectual property rights of the patent. On his side, Dr. Nasser Al-jizawi – the supervisor of the graduate studies and research sector stated conditions for obtaining a patent from the Egyptian Patent Office, where the invention must be new, involves an innovative step and be industrially applicable.

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