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The Selection Committee under presidency of Dr\Gamal El Saeed, the University president and membership of Dr\Shaban Taha and Dr\ Hesham Abu El Enin has held its meeting to interview and select the suitable candidates for the deanship of Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Commerce. The Selection committee includes Dr \Wadee Fathy Abd Allah, Dr\ Abd El Qader El Bahrawy, Dr \ Hamed Tulba and Dr \ Hosny Mahran. Faculty of Commerce has three candidates as following; Dr \ El Sayed Roshdy Mohammed, Dr \ Abeer Fatah Allah El Rabat and Dr \ Mossad El Sayed Ahmed Behairy. On the other hand, Faculty of Arts has three candidates as following; Dr\ Mohammed Saied Basyouny, Dr\ Mustafa Rashid Mustafa and Dr \ Zohdy Mohammed Nofal

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     Prof.Dr.Gamal El Saeed, the President of Benha University and Prof. Dr. Hussein El Maghraby, the University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs congratulate Benha University students, employees and Faculty members' staff on the occasion of Eid El Fitr and hope for them and all Egyptian people happiness and prosperity.

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