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The results of the Spanish ranking (Webmetrics) have been revealed in July, 2017 as follows:

1-    Benha university ranks the sixth place among the Egyptian governmental universities and ranks the seventh place among the Egyptian private universities

2-    Benha university is in the twenty-one place among the Arab Universities

3-    Benha university is in the twenty-two place among the African universities

4-    Benha University in the 1854 place on the international apparatus.

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Prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-Kady, the university president and prof.Dr. Gamal Ismail, the vice president of environment development and community service, prof.Dr. Hesham Abu EL-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies and research congratulates the faculties' members, the employees and the students on the occasion of Eid El-fitr. 

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The Faculty council has approved to appoint Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mohammady Gahnem as head of Zoology department. The Faculty council hopes for him best wishes in his academic life.

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