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  Strategic Goals of the Faculty

1- Developing programs and curriculums for bachelor stage and Post graduate studies in the light of national academic standards of developing the professional skills.

2- Provide outstanding academic programs for students in the light of the contemporary global trends and the needs of labor market.

3- Provide opportunities of continuing education through specialized programs to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of Veterinary.

4- Developing the Faculty members’ abilities programs at teaching skills, systems and technology of education and research.

5- Development of new training programs for academic leaders in leadership, management and communication with others according to the nature of the Faculty.

6-   Improving the quality of scientific research in various fields of specialization, and supporting the formation of multidisciplinary research teams at home and abroad to exchange experience in solving environmental problems.

7- Expansion of contract agreements with the corresponding bodies at local, regional and international programs of education and vocational training for students and joint research projects.

 8-Developing infrastructure of labs, classrooms, academic departments, administrative application of communication systems and                 information technology.

 9-Development of own resources through the establishment of a special service units to provide technical consultancy and professional         institutions and community organizations.

 10- Accrediting the Faculty by the National Authority for Educational quality Assurance and Accreditation.