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About faculty

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Benha University, was established in 1981 and began to study in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagazig University in 1982/1983 and then moved to the headquarters of the College Moshtohor, at the beginning of the academic year 83/1984.
The estimated area for our Faculty of about four and a half acres and the main college buildings includes, the following:

 1- Building of academic Departments including Anatomy-
Histology - Physiology -Biochemistry –Pharmacology-Food control - Livestock welfare 

2-Building of sub-clinical Departments and includes Clinical Pathology - Parasitology – Bacteriology,
Mycology and Immunology –virology-Animal Nutrition -Animal Hygiene- Forensic Medicine - Zonooses
– Pathology- Poultry Diseases-Fish Diseases and management

3- Building of clinic Departments including Animal Medicine - Surgery – Gynecology and Obstetrics
4- Veterinary hospital and educational and clinical sections and the halls of scientific studies

5-The administration building and student affairs and graduate studies and cultural relations and administrative matters and the care of students